Hello readers! How long has it been? My last post was about three months ago for the cookie swap…wow. And I left amidst chocolate month – how utterly selfish of me?! To apologize fully, I brought along an easy french pastry recipe. Hopefully these cute treats will do my apology justice. Now, I’ll be upfront; […]


This was my first year participating in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, and let me tell you what fun it was! I baked a staple in my house, my Great-Grandmother’s recipe for homemade mandelbrot (sort of like the Jewish form of biscotti). It was very fun to package my cookies up and ship them […]


Hello readers! Long time no speak! It’s been a pretty hectic few months, so I apologize for my lack of posts. Not to fear though, I have a few great recipes to end the year with (it is chocolate month after all)! This morning I woke up to snow falling out my window and and […]


Senior year of high school…is rough. Since school began, I have been inundated by homework, after-school activities, and the infamous college essays. That’s not to say it hasn’t been fun, but I’m looking forward to getting a chance to de-stress later in the year. Today we had a meeting with the whole senior class and […]


Hello readers! While I’ve been away for quite a while, I do come with gifts. Most importantly, every single one of you should check out Sugar and Spice. This is the blog of my cousin, Marissa, centered around gluten-free meals and desserts she makes her son, Mason, who has celiac disease. Every recipe is amazing, […]


My family is leaving for vacation tonight, but I thought I’d leave you guys with one more recipe to try. My friend Sitara came over the other day and there was a bunch of bananas on our counter that had turned completely brown. Clearly, the only practical ¬†solution was to bake with them. And thank […]


I’ve been watching a lot of great cooking shows lately. Has anyone seen the American Baking Competition show on CBS? It takes ordinary household bakers and tasks them with creating extraordinarily difficult to create desserts – ranging from chocolate souffl√©s to tarte tatins. Up front, the show seems slightly more gimmicky than typical reality cooking […]


To all the only siblings out there – I feel for you. My siblings are both away for the summer, and for the first time since before my sister was born, I have the house to myself. And I don’t like it! It’s quiet and feels sort of empty.   Anyway, I know that again, […]


Want to know what’s great about summer? Not having anything to do. Seriously though, it’s kind of fabulous. I read an entire book last weekend just because I felt like it (check out The Paris Wife by Paula McLain if you’re looking for something to read – it was enthralling). I started watching Arrested Development. […]


GREAT news everybody. Today was my last day of school. I’m finished with my junior year! Can you believe that…finished?! No more SAT’s or ACT’s ever again. No more finals, dreaded amounts of mundane homework, or long nights spent studying for a good 3 months. I cannot put into words how excited I am. Today […]


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