Bakery Review: Beurre & Sel NYC

Dorie Greenspan is one of my favorite bakers. She’s won the James Beard Foundation Award twice, paved the way for culinary-related apps, and is just so cute! Every recipe I’ve tried from her has turned out deliciously, and I wouldn’t question any of her chocolate-coated wisdom whatsoever.

Wall of prepackaged cookies at Buerre & Sel

Wall of prepackaged cookies at Buerre & Sel

This past Fall I heard about a cookie shop Dorie would be opening in NYC called Beurre & Sel! Since I live so close to the city, I couldn’t wait until I’d get an opportunity to visit her tiny little bakery myself. On a trip to visit my aunt, my mom sadly made her way down to the shop without me. Though disappointed, I couldn’t be upset with her for too long; she brought back tons of cookies for our whole family to try. Here is my review of some of the cookies we tasted:



These delicious, buttery shortbread cookies were perfectly crisp on the outside yet soft in the center. The sablés had a dollop of (blackberry?) jam in the center and were surrounded on all sides by crispy cookie crumbs.My only grievance is that I wish there had been more jam in the center…it was just so good!



This was a true blonde brownie (blondie) in the form of a cookie. It was classic – nutty, butter, and filled with white chocolate. Again, perfectly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.


Chocolate (also shown above)

I’m not sure the exact name of this cookie but wow it was delicious. A complete mix between a brownie, cookie, and thick fudge, there were added nuts, dried cherries, dark chocolate chunks, and even cocoa powder on top. I’m not even that big of a chocolate person, but something about this cookie was perfection.


World Peace

This is one of Dorie’s most famed recipes, a chocolate sea salt sablé. I’ve made these cookies twice for various family and friends, so naturally I was excited to try out the cookies from Dorie herself. There were eleven cookies that came in pre-packaged in a plastic tin, but I think you could have bought them fresh-baked as well. I have to say disappointingly, the cookies I’ve made myself from this recipe were much better than these. Obviously they weren’t as fresh, but they just seemed a little too dry and crumbly for my taste. These definitely weren’t standouts, and I’d really recommend making them yourself. It’s even a pretty simple recipe!

Overall, Beurre & Sel was delicious. If you can make the trip, I’d really recommend trying out the fresh baked cookies (they were much better than the pre-packaged ones). You can also order online if you live too far away! Our favorite cookies ranked in this order: the chocolate cookies, jammers, blondes, and the world peace. There are many other varieties we didn’t get to taste, so try any of her others; I’m sure they’re all great!

One last note: I watched a great tutorial video of Dorie making cookies with the girls from Food52. Wonder how she gets her cookies to cook in perfect circles? After cutting them with a a cookie cutter, she actually bakes the cookies in the bottom of muffin tins! How cool is that?!

One response to “Bakery Review: Beurre & Sel NYC

  1. I love her blog too! Sadly, I’m a little (or a lot) far away from buerre & sel, but I’m thrilled you can be the official taste tester so we all know how yummy her goods are 😉

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