How My Blog Works

There are so many food blogs out there that I really struggled with how I was going to make this one stand out. My family’s always been big on eating seasonally, so finally I decided to make my blog seasonal too! One ingredient or group of ingredients to focus my posts and recipes on each season. Except to keep things more interesting, and to feed my inability to focus on one thing for too long, my prime ingredient is going to change each month. I’ll provide a history and food chemistry about the ingredient at the beginning of each month, followed by recipes utilizing the ingredient.

Here is the line up of 2013’s ingredients, month by month:

January – Cinnamon

February – Winter Vegetables

March – Citrus

April – Nuts

May – Bananas (I really love bananas)

June – Coffee

July – Berries

August – Other Summer Fruits (one of the more broad topics…)

September – Apples

October – Gourds

November – Cranberry

December – Chocolate, saving the best for last

To cover the problem of growing season variability, I tried to pick somewhat universal and widely-available ingredients, however each of these recipes can obviously be used in different months. I hope you’ll join me on my cooking adventure!

10 responses to “How My Blog Works

  1. I love how you are baking base on seasons. It is such a smart idea, I cannot wait to read what awesome and delicious recipes you test out 🙂

  2. Hi Allison, Thank you so much for stopping by, and following my blog! It was a great introduction to your blog and I’ve got to give kudos for the organization of your posting around a specific ingredient. I will be following your blog closely for ideas and recipes for afternoon tea.

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